Posted by: Lotfi Frigi | January 28, 2010

State Of The Union? Bleak…

I watched the State Of The Union address last night and I don’t know about you but I came out unimpressed. Just about what I thought it would be. It sounded more like a campaign speech where Obama was trying yet again to talk to and include everyone in the house but with no clear-cut, well-pronounced convincing plan. He went on and on again about the 3-year spending freeze that excludes the big budget ogre, Defense spending. The few billion dollars that will be sacrificed will hardly put a dent in the multi-trillion dollar deficit we are carrying. Try stopping the escalation of existing wars and prospective ones in the Middle East. Stop rewarding (bribing) oppressive regimes like the ones in Israel and Egypt and propping abusive ones like Saudi Arabia and unrepresentative regimes like Columbia. Hundreds of billions of dollars going down that sewer every year with nothing, absolutely nothing, to show for it. That WILL help!
There was nothing in the speech to convince me that we would see any near term improvements in jobs, foreclosures, lobbyist reforms or meaningful progress on the health-care reform issue. All the proposals offered for boosting the economy are a pittance and down-right, a joke.
I believe that Obama’s intentions are good but his inexperience is showing and the team around him has its own agenda. No wonder at times he sounded to me like an eloquent version of George W. Bush! God help us!


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