Posted by: Lotfi Frigi | February 9, 2010

Rahm & Co. Should Go!

“I don’t think President Obama wants to make any changes.” Core Chicago Team Sinking Obama Presidency

You’re absolutely right about that! Do you remember when Obama was questioned, last February I think, about appointing Geitner and others who seemed to be part of the problem? He said “the change is going to come from me.” Well, don’t hold your breath because “Change”, the buzzword of the campaign, ain’t coming soon my friends.
I think that statement was one of the most telling things that Obama has said so far. It spoke of either a Shakespearean hubris, or total misunderstanding of the complexity of managing. If it’s the product of the pride of a man, then it’s his and our tough luck, meaning, we’re screwed! If it’s the product of him misunderstanding his job, then he’s not even as smart as I am, and that is absolutely not likely. Even I know that a small business like mine cannot stay on course if the people themselves don’t own the mission. In which case, we’re equally screwed!
But there is another school of thought out there, with whom I share a few affinities that thinks Obama is a slick corporate salesman that works for Goldman Sachs and Wall Street. The Emmanuel brothers who have Obama’s ears have their own agenda borne out of the think-tanks and theories of global planners funded by oligarchical circles on Wall Street and in the City of London. It’s against most people’s instincts to use terminology such as ‘end-of-life-care’ or ‘complete lives’ like Ezekial Emanuel used over-and-over again. Yet President Obama was hired to sell this garbage as ‘health-care reform’ to the American people.
Americans have never seen themselves as ‘utilitarian’ to society but rather as rugged optimistic individuals who see no limits to what they can accomplish or how long they could physically stay alive. It’s been a long while back since Americans left the European attitude of tragedy and feudalism but it seems like the Emmanuel brothers are trying to bring it back in the form of ‘fiscal responsibility’ and bail outs for Wall Street that will eventually trickle-down a few crumbs to the serfs at the bottom.
Like I said a few times already (here, here, and here), if Obama were smart, if he were his own man, he would fire the Emmanuel  guys and get rid of Larry Summers, Timothy Geithner and anyone associated with Wall Street and the City of London gangs before it’s too late… Again, I am NOT holding my breath till that happens and I won’t ask you to do it either. That would be tantamount to suicide. That’s how sure I am that “Change” ain’t happenin’!



  1. Well said Lotfi. I do not see any meaningful changes happening any time soon. We’re stuck in mud and the ones in charge love playing with dirt it seems!

  2. Well, what I think you’ve just shown us is that we must just…”forget” about the government and do things ourselves. Forget about government funding. Forget about government programs, and ESPECIALLY forget about government bailouts and the government “saving the economy” because its either an attempt at thievery or like you said, “it ain’t gonna happen” but this just gives rise to the CALL that we are to take the responsibility upon ourselves! Were are the comrades who are picketing relentlessly for their causes? Where are the comrades who are persisting to their representatives what they want/don’t want? Where are the inventors, businessmen/women, and artists who are using QUALITY as the newest commodity. Obviously I am speaking in generalities….but generally, where do you think quality service, products, art & culture have gone, say, since the 80’s? Think about it. Though I am procapitalism all the way….BUYING & SELLING HAS COME TO DEFINE OUR CULTURE, I THINK, BEYOND EVEN THE QUALITY OF THINGS, OR USE, OR USEFULNESS OF THINGS WE INDEED SELL so—that’s how we save the economy & deal with the government;’s games, I think.

  3. The dumbing-down of this country is the biggest reason we are in this mess. It started way back. It gained full steam under Reagan and has been going on a blazing, ever-increasing speed since. It IS the root of the problem. We have been seriously contaminated. Our education system, our food, the garbage TV feeds us, etc…, helped weaken our collective awareness and thus the wolves were left in charge of the sheep totally unsupervised. And that has never been a good thing. Complacency and ignorance are what the wolves sowed and complete control over our lives is what they will reap sooner than people think. Our morality and our principles are made to shift according to the whim of the wolves. What happened to “quality service, products, art & culture” you asked? If it doesn’t fit in the larger scheme the wolves have designed for us, then it is not important. Absolute control and money is the name of the game and anything that impedes that is expendable… It’s unfortunate, but it’s the truth! Thanks for the feedback Sean…

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