Posted by: Lotfi Frigi | February 19, 2010

Thoughts On Dick Cheney Admitting to Torture Conspiracy

Dick Cheney Admits to Torture Conspiracy

On Sunday, February 15th, former Vice President Dick Cheney gave an interview to ABC’s “This Week” in which he discussed the torture practice of “waterboarding”, “a near-drowning technique that has been regarded as torture back to the Spanish Inquisition and that has long been treated by U.S. authorities as a serious war crime, such as when Japanese commanders were prosecuted for using it on American prisoners during World War II.” In the same interview, he pronounced himself “a big supporter of waterboarding.” I waited for four days before posting my comment to hear and read the reaction of the Administration, House representatives, Senators and the Press to this interview. Well, I’m still waiting…
If you read the article and the transcript of the interview that is included in the link above, you can’t help but be furious! This man, much like Bin Laden, lives in hiding and when it’s convenient for him and for his agenda, he ventures out of the shadows to drop an interview here and there, scaring the hapless by predicting doom and gloom. Except that in this interview he added a little something to the customary apocalyptic message he usually delivers, basically convicting himself of war crimes. Is he stupid for volunteering information of that kind? I do not think it’s the case.
This man has become so accustomed to being above the law and being immune to the legal system that he now talks openly about violating these laws. He actually believes deep down inside his sick ego that he is superior and above all people and all institutions and even convinces those around him that it is true! It is a case of arrogance and the clearest sign of sociopathy and psychopathy that you will ever see. Do you see much difference between his psychopathic behavior and that of Ted Bundy’s? I do not! This man makes Nixon and Kissinger look like angels; at least they didn’t brag about being war criminals!
In any properly functioning justice system where all are equal under the law, this man along with many others who instigated and legitimized such practices would have been prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against humanity a long, long time ago. But when the Press, the supposed whistleblower, is owned by the same oligarchy that is corrupting the system, such people get away with murder and you end up with an untouchable faction I like to call “Privileged Criminals”. To them, the laws are written for the rest of us and the Constitution, in the words of their puppet of choice, George W. Bush, is just “…a goddamn piece of paper…”.
If we do not follow up and prosecute these crimes according to the laws of this nation, we would fail our own values and our democracy. Is that the message we want to send to the rest of the world? Is that the kind of legacy you want the next generation to inherit?



  1. A little addendum… The schmuck actually added in the same interview that waterboarding should still be ”on the table” today.
    Starting with his own table, may be, with him on it! Then, perhaps, he can tell us that it’s not torture!

  2. He also is sending a hearty “go fuck yourself” to the Obama Administration as well. It is actually quite remarkable that Cheney feels so untouchable that he can go on national television and admit to a conspiracy to torture, which is a crime, AND attack the current Administration which DOES have the power to prosecute him.

  3. Very true, Dave; very true my friend… That’s called “ballsy”!

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