Posted by: Lotfi Frigi | March 11, 2010

The Speech We All Have Been Waiting For…

Later today, Senator Ted Kaufman (D., DE) will deliver a speech on the Senate floor that will explain exactly what happened in Wall Street that caused the markets to crash and the country to be dragged in this seemingly endless recession. He will point fingers and name names I hear. Good! It’s about time! Not that we did not know but we need to hear it from the people we elected, the people we pay to represent us and watch for our interests. God forbid it would come from the White House or the Senate Committees! They are too busy pandering to the criminals that they should be denouncing, the thieves who are filling their pockets for a license to fleece us.

Having said that, it is a step forward, but it is still a speech and nothing more than a speech. Action, as in prosecution, should follow. Otherwise, it will remain what it is, cheap words, a speech…


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