Posted by: Lotfi Frigi | March 23, 2010

The Healthcare Bill Passes, But At What Cost?

The Healthcare Bill passes! Read about it! The Healthcare Bill passes!
All the hoopla from the Left and the anger from the Right notwithstanding, I still see a deeply flawed bill. Democrats are claiming victory, Republicans are ringing the Red, Socialist Alert bells!
The truth of the matter is that this Bill is a watered-down version of what was drafted, discussed and sent to the negotiating table when the process first started. Which leads me to think that may be this IS the bill Obama and the Senate Democrats wanted; a private insurance scheme, not a social insurance program! We should have rallied around Medicare for All. Instead, the so-called Progressive activists groups agreed to the Democrats’ demand that universal Medicare not be discussed. By bending over backwards to please the Congressional Democrats, they willingly turned a blind eye to the possibilities Medicare offers as a solution to the health care crisis. And here we stand now, with no public option, the abortion coverage shrunken like never before, and extremely loose regulations on the private insurance companies.
It is not Doomsday and the end times, like the Republicans and Teabaggers would like you to believe and it’s not the crashing victory that the Democrats and the Progressives are claiming it to be. It is a patch, a small fix that will be applied to a crumbling system. More has to be done for this system to be where it should be.


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