Posted by: Lotfi Frigi | May 27, 2010

What Is Happening In The Koreas?

So what is happening in the Koreas? The question that begs to be asked is: WHY? Why would North Korea torpedo a South Korean ship? The asinine reasons given by the mainstream media are just that, asinine! Here’s an example of that. The genius that is Christian Oliver gave seven reasons as to the why in an article printed on The Wall Street Journal, two of which, number one and number seven, are “revenge” and “bitterness”! Are you freaking kidding me? What is this, high school drama?

Here’s how it should go, or political analysis 101, if you will… First, gather all the facts. Second, identify all parties directly involved in the incident. Third, identify all parties who are or might be affected by the incident. Fourth, familiarize yourself with all the dynamics at work between each and every party you identified. Fifth, and this should come easy at this point,  determine the motives. It’s that simple!

So, here’s what we’re being fed by the MSM (mainstream media), the crap that we are supposed to believe. In the middle of a war games exercise with the US and South Korea, the North Koreans entered undetected with their non-stealth submarines and shot off a German made torpedo, again undetected by our Aegis submarine detection systems, and then stealthily snuck away. Yes, that is what we are supposed to believe! Are you kidding me?

Could it, instead, have been a war games accident which can now be strategically blamed on the North Koreans so the US and South Korea can save face? Could it be a scare tactic to make the Japanese reconsider their desire to move our Marine base off Okinawa so we continue keeping a close watch on the Chinese? Or could it be a convoluted way to try to force the Chinese to intervene with North Korea, and sanction the North Koreans from sending armaments to Israel’s enemies, Iran and Syria? Hmmm… Another recurrence of the war drum theme of the Forces of Good versus the Axis of Evil? Another fabricated disaster to pave the way for another war, much like The Gulf of Tonkan, Reichstag or even 9/11? These are all guesses, I admit, but EDUCATED ones at least, not some juvenile, over-simplified guesses meant for the consumption of “the fat and stupid” masses.


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