Posted by: Lotfi Frigi | February 26, 2010

Huh? Mass Transit is “Un-American”?

I would file this entry from Rich Lowry and Ramesh Ponnuru under the category of “Mental Masturbation” because nobody gets any pleasure out of the outcome except for the writers themselves… Well, may be a few readers would too, if we took the experience to a “Pee-wee Herman”esque level… In their sickening, ideologically-driven dribble the authors attack the logic behind, and the usefulness of “Mass Transit” condemning it as being “Un-American”! You’ve gotta be f***ing kidding me! Here’s the entry:

“The Left’s search for a foreign template to graft onto America grew more desperate. Why couldn’t we be more like them — like the French, like the Swedes, like the Danes? Like any people with a larger and busier government overawing the private sector and civil society? You can see it in Sicko, wherein Michael Moore extols the British national health-care system, the French way of life, and even the munificence of Cuba; you can hear it in all the admonitions from left-wing commentators that every other advanced society has government child care, or gun control, or mass transit, or whatever socialistic program or other infringement on our liberty we have had the wisdom to reject for decades.”

Lowry and Ponnuru seem to believe that mass transit is a “socialistic program” and an “infringement on our liberty.” Presumably they think this because mass transit is built and administered by the government and supported, quite often, by taxes. But the exact same thing is true of highways. Would Lowry and Ponnuru denounce the Interstate system as socialistic on the same grounds?… When you think you’ve heard it all, some morons manage to prove you wrong!


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